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Radiofrequency (RFL), Sclerotherapy, Vein Surgery and Pigmentation Treatment with board-certified vascular surgeon Dr. Anna Gasparyan.

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Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins

Sclerotherapy is considered a gold standard treatment for spider veins, delivering excellent cosmetic results Sclerotherapy involves direct injection of a safe, chemical solution (called a sclerosant) into your spider veins. The sclerosant causes the spider veins to collapse and shut and eventually these veins are absorbed into the body.

Radiofrequency Ablation  (RFA)  for Varicose Veins

Radiofrequency ablation, or RFA, is a minimally invasive alternative to eliminate abnormal veins, redirect blood flow to healthy veins, and relieve discomfort. In the case of RFA, Dr. Gasparyan inserts a small catheter into the vein. Consistent heat is delivered to contract the collagen in vein walls, causing them to collapse and close. Afterward, blood flow is redirected to healthy veins. Ultrasound is used to give Dr. Gasparyan a live view of your veins for optimal safety and results.


The good news is that age spots and pigmentation are purely cosmetic issues and don’t cause health issues. When it comes to correct pigmentation, laser therapy is the treatment of choice.

Vein Surgery

Endoscopic vein surgery is usually only used in severe cases when varicose veins are causing skin ulcers. For endoscopic vein surgery, Dr. Gasparyan will make a small cut in your skin near a varicose vein. She then uses a tiny camera at the end of a thin tube to move through the vein. A surgical device at the end of the camera is used to close the vein. After the procedure, you can usually return to your normal activities within a few weeks.

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