Breast Reconstruction

If you have breast cancer and plan to have a mastectomy, you may be thinking about having your breast or breasts reconstructed. Breast reconstruction can restore the look and feel of your body as well as your self-confidence. Dr. Tantawi understands how important this can be for many women.

Breast reconstruction can be performed utilizing a variety of approaches. The most common method of breast reconstruction uses breast implants to recreate the volume and shape of your breasts. This approach also allows women to choose their breast size and women often choose to have breast implants in both breasts to attain the shape they have always wanted.

When breast implants are not the ideal method of reconstruction, Dr.Tantawi will recommend natural tissue reconstruction with a flap. The most common types are the Latissimus flap (from the back), TRAM flap (from the lower abdomen), Gluteal flap (from the buttocks), Microvascular free flap, and DEIP flap (from the lower abdomen). Each has particular advantages and only an experienced plastic surgeon can properly counsel you about the options. Dr. Tantawi can perform any of these techniques and will tailor the surgery for your body shape and desires.

If you are a candidate for breast reconstruction, Dr. Tantawi would be happy to schedule an in-depth consultation to customize the best procedure for you.

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