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Cellulite can affect anyone including men, but is most commonly found on women especially in the stomach area, arms, thighs and buttocks. It is characterized by orange-peel like skin, or a cottage cheese skin appearance and uneven texture. This can pose a problem and causes many women to change their wardrobe so their cellulite isn’t seen. It can cause a loss of confidence in your body image.

Diet and exercise and the use of creams or products to get rid of cellulite, often work only temporarily or not at all. At Beauty Refined, Dr. Tantawi has the latest advanced radiofrequency technology to get rid of cellulite and smooth your lumpy skin. To find out more, request a consultation today. Dr. Tantawi is board certified in surgery and cosmetic surgery and is committed to giving you the results you desire and deserve.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is the lumps and dimples that affect roughly 90% of women over their lifetime. It appears on the thighs, stomach, buttocks, hips and arms. This is caused by fibrous connective cords (septa) which act like an internal bra supporting your skin. The septa pull down on the base of your skin, creating resistance to fat bulging through, resulting in dimpling or puckering of the surface.

An excess of female hormones can cause these cords to proliferate more than usual, leading to a greater chance of getting cellulite, however it’s not just women who have that extra estrogen! Men also get it but less frequently than women do. Women are more likely to get it because they have more estrogen than men, but also because the septa in women run closer to the surface.

There are many creams out there that claim to get rid of cellulite, however very few actually work; most just mask it temporarily using caffeine or retinol (a form of vitamin A).

What Causes Cellulite?

Having cellulite is not due to lack of exercising or eating unhealthy foods. Hormones are the main culprit as they cause fat cells to increase in size as well as affect how those cells store and release fats. In women, estrogen increases fat storage while progesterone decreases it. This contributes to why women get cellulite more often than men do. As mentioned before, fat bulging through our connective cords causes dimpling of the skin, but these cords also pull down on our base layer creating a cushioning effect, which helps protect us from injuries that could happen under the surface such as broken bones. When you gain weight, especially extra weight around your waist, this cushioning system doesn’t work as well which could increase the risk of injuries.

On the other hand fat loss is also related to cellulite. As we lose weight our body starts breaking down muscle fibers called myofilaments for energy, this makes us bulkier until our muscles adapt to using fat for fuel instead.

Muscle tissue burns more calories than fat so when our muscles are broken down, there’s less surface area for burning extra calories, which can lead to an accumulation of cellulite in areas where it wouldn’t normally be seen without the excess weight.

Diet plays a big role here because consuming too much sugar causes insulin resistance. Your cells have trouble absorbing blood glucose, or sugar, leading to higher levels in your bloodstream, causing weight gain and fat storage. Weight gain also contributes to insulin resistance because it signals your body to produce more insulin, creating more opportunity for cells to become resistant to this hormone. Which leads to weight gain, which could be directly linked with cellulite.

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Cellulite Treatment

At Beauty Refined Dr. Tantawi has the latest advanced, radiofrequency technology, to treat your cellulite.

Radiofrequency Treatment (RF)

RF uses radiofrequency waves to heat and destroy fat cells which are then carried away by the lymphatic system. RF also contours the body giving smoother skin and a better shape. RF is a non-invasive, safe way to treat cellulite over time. You will need several sessions initially (4-10), with monthly maintenance treatments after that

The RF procedure is done by smoothing a topical numbing cream over the area to be treated. A handheld RF device will be applied to the area and worked over the area. When treatment is complete a cooling gel will be applied. You may experience some redness and swelling, but will be able to resume your regular activities immediately after the treatment.

If you are interested in finding out more about cellulite treatment options call or request a consultation today. Dr. Tantawi and his professional staff are happy to discuss your aesthetic goals and give you the results you are wanting. Find out how RF can rid you of cellulite and give you a more shapely body now.

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