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A breast revision procedure can be done for many reasons, and is personal and unique for each situation. You may have had breast augmentation that you aren’t happy with, or after the passing of time your breasts have begun to sag, and can be improved by a lifting procedure. With breast augmentation, the implants can rupture after 10 years and may need replacing. In the case of a ruptured implant it’s important to get it replaced immediately. You may want to reduce the size of your breast to relieve back problems, or need a revision after a mastectomy.

If you’re not happy with your breast shape or size, it can affect how you feel about yourself, physically and mentally. Dr. Tantawi understands each unique situation because he has performed breast revision surgery on many patients. He is board certified and highly skilled in his specialties of surgery and cosmetic surgery. Book a consultation now to find out how you can have the look and shape to your breasts, that you desire and deserve. Breast revision surgery can be a life-changing procedure, resulting in a more confident and comfortable you.

What procedure are you interested in?

Why Breast Revision?

Breast revision surgery is a procedure to correct or improve the appearance of breasts.
People may get breast revision surgery for a number of reasons, including:

  • To correct asymmetry
  • To correct shape or size issues
  • To correct breast ptosis (sagging)
  • To remove excess skin and tissue after weight loss or pregnancy
  • To revise previous breast surgery (such as a breast augmentation or mastectomy)
  • Capsular contracture (excess scar tissue around an implant)
Breast Augmentation

What to expect at Your Breast Revision Consultation

You should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. Breast revision surgery is not typically recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

You will need to have your medical records sent, or bring them in at the time of your consultation. Also, a list of any over the counter medication, herbal supplements, vitamins, and any allergies to medication you may have. Dr. Tantawi may also ask you to get a mammogram, if he feels it’s necessary. It’s also helpful for you to bring a list of questions you have for him, so you don’t forget anything you want to ask.

Dr. Tantawi will look at your records, examine your breasts, and take photographs to assess what is the best recommendation for your situation. He will also discuss any risks or complications, and let you know of the likely outcome, should you decide to have breast revision surgery.

Breast Revision Procedure

Because the reasons for breast revision are unique to each situation, the procedure may vary from person to person. The procedure can be more complicated than when implants were placed originally, due to scar tissue forming around the implants. Often a lift may be done at the same time if you are experiencing sagging breasts. For all surgery you will be placed under general anesthesia or drip sedation so that you feel no pain during the procedure. Surgery generally takes 2 hours but can go longer if your procedure is more complicated.

For most procedures, an incision will be made in one or more of these places:

  • Breast lift incision – either a vertical or horizontal incision (known as a “wise pattern”
  • Periareolar incision – incision part, or all the way around the areola
  • Inframammary incision –  under the breast in the crease

The implant will be taken out, any excess skin will be removed, and scar tissue will be reduced or reshaped. Dr. Tantawi will then close the incision with sutures, and dress and tape them. Your breasts will be bandaged tightly so they are compressed. This helps with swelling and support. You will need someone to drive you home and it’s best if they can stay overnight or a few days with you.

Recovery From Breast Revision Surgery

Most people report mild to moderate pain and swelling following surgery. You will be given pain medication and antibiotics to avoid infection. Recovery time can take between two to four weeks. You will likely need to avoid any strenuous activity for at least six weeks and are not to lift anything heavy in that time.You may or may not be instructed to wear a compression bra or sports bra during this time until Dr. Tantawi lets you know otherwise. You should be able to return to work in two weeks.

You will be given instructions on how to care for your incisions, and what to look out for in case of infection. It’s important that you don’t go in a swimming pool or hot tub, during the healing process to avoid bacteria entering the incision site.

In general it will take around six weeks for all swelling to subside, although it can take longer depending upon the procedure. Healing is different for everyone and it may take up to 6 months for the scars to fade, feeling to return and the breasts to feel more normal.


Depending upon the extent of the surgery, you will experience pain swelling and some muscle soreness.. In general, breast revision can heal in a shorter amount of time and with less pain than you felt with your initial breast augmentation surgery.

Breast implant revision surgery can cost more depending upon how complex the procedure is. Usually, if it just involves replacing the implants the cost is the same as an initial implant procedure.

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