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Before and After pictures of Brazilian Butt Lift (BLL) procedures performed by Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Diya Tantawi.

Brazilian Butt Lift Palm Desert

A Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as Buttock Augmentation, uses liposuction techniques to surgically remove unwanted body fat from an area where there is a concentration of it. Areas such as the abdomen, flanks, hips, buttocks, thighs or knees are used and the fat is transferred to the buttocks for a more rounded shape.

The aim of buttock augmentation surgery is to enhance your figure with a lifted and contoured behind that looks toned and firm. A BBL can achieve this by either using autologous fat grafting or synthetic buttock implants.

A Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure for both men and women who want to improve the appearance of their buttock contour, and achieve a sexier, more rounded shape.  Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tantawi has performed countless Brazilian Butt Lift procedures. He is highly skilled and board certified in surgery and cosmetic surgery. Book a consultation with him today, and get the sexy beach body you deserve.

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Who is a Good Candidate for BBL?

The best candidates for a BBL are people who are in good physical condition, with enough unwanted fat to sculpt
into a new buttock shape. Ideal candidates have realistic expectations about the surgery and are
willing to undergo a relatively lengthy recovery period.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia, and lasts around two hours. Dr. Tantawi will make a small incision in the area where the fat is to be harvested – most commonly the abdomen, flanks or thighs – then use liposuction to remove the fat to inject it into your buttock. If an implant procedure has also been chosen Dr. Tantawi then places an implant through an incision in your buttock, to give extra projection and shape. Implants are made from silicone and mimic the softness of muscle and fat.

There are two areas of insertion for butt implants: butt implants that are inserted under the muscle (submuscular). and those placed just beneath the skin (subcutaneous). Subcutaneous implants do not affect the muscles, but Dr. Tantawi may prefer to perform liposuction to remove extra fat around them, before inserting them. Around 80% of buttock augmentation procedures use submuscular butt implants and only 20% use subcutaneous butt implants.

The combination of surgery and injections give you a sexy, lifted butt that looks natural – unlike the fake-looking buttocks often created by buttock implants alone. For this reason, the Brazilian butt lift has become one of the most popular buttock augmentation procedures.

Recovery From a BBL

The amount of time required to recover after bbl varies, according to individual health and physical condition, as well as the surgical technique used. Generally, you can expect to take about two weeks off work. Swelling & bruising may persist for several weeks, then begin to fade.

Dr. Tantawi will give you instructions for taking care of yourself after surgery, and any medication you will need. It’s important to follow his postoperative instructions carefully to avoid infection, or damage to the area. You will probably be instructed to wear a compression garment for several weeks after surgery to minimize swelling.

Avoid sitting directly on your buttocks and refrain from strenuous activity until Dr. Tantawi says it’s okay. Additionally, you will need to keep your incisions clean & dry – showering, but not bathing is usually recommended.

You will notice results right after surgery and your buttocks may look overly large. This is due to the overfilling technique that is used, as not all fat cells will be viable, and it takes time for them to settle and begin to thrive. You will see final results in about two months.


How long does a Brazilian Butt Lift last?

  • The implants may need to be replaced after 10 years, however the fat will stay in your body as it is. It may fluctuate if you gain or lose weight, as it becomes part of your body system, once it is accepted by your body.

How much does a BBL cost?

  • The cost of a BBL depends upon the procedure, time it takes, and other factors. It’s imperative that you make sure your surgery is done by a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Tantawi. He knows the procedure well, and has performed it on many patients, with excellent results. A Brazilian Butt Lift has a higher risk than other surgeries, and needs to be performed by someone highly skilled, with attention to detail, such as Dr. Tantawi, to avoid infection or adverse reaction to the surgery.

Is a BBL covered by insurance?

  • No, it is considered an elective surgery and is not covered by insurance.
Plastic Surgeon Dr. Diya Tantawi- at Beauty Refined Plastic Surgery- Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Greater Los Angeles areas
Dr. Diya Tantawi- at Beauty Refined Plastic Surgery- is a Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon now serves the Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Greater Los Angeles areas

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