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There are many reasons you may require or want vein surgery. Your veins may be unsightly. or you may need vein surgery for a medical condition. The most common reason is spider veins or varicose veins, but there are many other conditions that can result in pain and even damage to the legs. Some possible problems include venous ulcers , chronic edema , arteriovenous fistula, phlebitis , leg swelling, calf pain, blood clots, and other conditions.

If your primary physician has told you it is necessary to improve your health, or you just don’t like the way they look, book a consultation with Dr. Tantawi now. He is board certified and specializes not only in cosmetic surgery, but in surgery also. He is highly skilled in vein procedures, and has helped many people improve the way they look, as well as being knowledgeable, about health conditions that make vein surgery necessary. He will discuss the treatment and surgery that is best for you and answer any questions you may have.

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Who is a Candidate for Vein Surgery?

To be a candidate for vein surgery you should have one or more of the following: spider veins (small red lines on the surface of your skin), varicose veins (larger blue or purple veins), venous ulcers (open sores with darker red areas around them), chronic edema (legs swelling due to a buildup of fluid), or leg pain.

There are several factors involved in determining if spider veins or varicose veins can be treated successfully without causing you significant problems afterward. If you smoke cigarettes, you may not qualify because the risk is higher for complications after this type of procedure. Smoking slows down wound healing and reduces blood flow in the legs (not enough circulation causes spider veins to worsen). You should also make sure that you have a balanced diet and exercise regularly to promote healthy circulation.

Vein Surgery Procedures

Most vein surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia. The type of vein surgery you have depends on your symptoms and how large the veins are that need to be treated. There are three different types of vein surgery: spider veins, varicose veins, and combined spider/varicose vein procedures. In spider vein procedures, a laser is used to seal the broken ends of the spider veins so that they cannot bleed anymore.

Varicose vein procedures involve using a laser to remove excess veins, which allows more blood to be pumped through healthier veins in the same area. With this procedure, both spider and varicose veins can be treated at once. Combined spider/varicose vein surgeries use lasers to treat spider and varicose veins together. as well as removing other enlarged vessels such as those on the lower legs.

This type of surgery may also include sclerotherapy to remove spider veins that have not fully disappeared. Sclerotherapy involves causing a vein to scar by injecting a solution into your vein, which forces the blood to reroute into healthier veins. Combined spider/varicose vein procedures are done by inserting a probe into your spider veins first, then using sclerotherapy to treat your varicose veins at the same time that spider veins are treated with lasers or other techniques. The procedure usually takes less than an hour.

Recovery from Vein Surgery

The recovery period for vein surgery can take anywhere from one to six weeks. The best way for you to recover is to find a balance between resting and getting back into your regular activities. However, it’s important not to do any strenuous activities for the first two weeks. There will be bruising and swelling the first week.

During your recovery period, there are some precautions that should be taken, like wearing compression stockings to help avoid blood clots. If the spider veins or varicose veins are very bad, it could take up to six weeks for you to recover completely. This will depend on how quickly any swelling goes down, and how much discomfort you feel during recovery. It’s important to get plenty of rest and follow any instructions from Dr. Tantawi, in order to get the best results possible with vein surgery. Follow up appointments will be scheduled to make sure you are healing nicely and there is no infection.


You will not feel any pain during the surgery procedure. You may feel some discomfort during the healing period, due to swelling and bruising. Dr. Tantawi will advise you as to how to heal with the least discomfort possible.

The cost is determined by the extent of the surgery and the procedure that is used. Dr. Tantawi will let you know the cost at the time of your consultation.

If your surgery is deemed medically necessary, it is usually covered by insurance. It’s best to check with your insurance carrier or Dr. Tantawi to see if it can be covered or not.


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