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Acne is a common problem that can be very frustrating. Many people have tried creams, pills and other treatments to no avail. Not only that, but the scars left behind can affect your self confidence and be difficult to hide. Fotona® laser treatment for acne, and acne scars is the best solution for you if you’re looking for an effective way to eliminate your acne. It’s safe, affordable and fast!

The Fotona® Laser Treatment uses a powerful combination of red light energy and heat which helps reduce inflammation from pimples, while stimulating collagen production in the skin to improve its elasticity. This produces great results with minimal downtime so you can get back into your normal routine quickly. Dr.Tantawi uses a procedure that has been proven effective in clinical studies across all ethnicities & ages, by reducing both inflammatory & noninflammatory lesions on the face, neck chest, arms, or back without any side effects to your health; leaving you with smooth beautiful clear skin within just 2 weeks after each session of treatment. Request a free consultation with Dr. Tantawi today and find out how easy and effective laser acne treatment can be.

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Treating Active Acne with the Fotona® Laser

At Beauty Refined we understand how having acne can affect your self esteem and cause you to feel like there’s no hope. Dr. Tantawi uses the latest in laser technology, medication and products to ensure that you can put your best face forward and put an end to your frustration with acne.

In treating active acne, the Fotona® laser protocol is the most effective tool available now to eradicate active blemishes and pimples on your skin. It can be used on the face, neck, back, arms and other parts of the body. It works by using precisely controlled laser light targeted to the exact depth necessary for each spot. The Nd:YAG laser light penetrates the skin to eliminate overactive sebaceous glands, and prevent further inflammation and spreading of bacteria. It’s deep penetration also stimulates collagen remodeling which causes new skin growth.

The procedure begins with Dr. Tantawi, or one of his highly trained staff, thoroughly cleansing your face. A numbing cream is applied to the area being treated to ensure your comfort during the procedure. The laser is pulsed on your acne spots and lesions in a grid like manner, covering all areas to be treated. After the procedure your skin will have some redness. A cooling gel or treatment cream is applied and directions for after care will be given to ensure the healing process goes smoothly.

Treating Acne Scars With the Fotona® Laser

Even after treating your acne, you may be left with scars from breakouts that can cause you to be self conscious in front of people. Treatment with the Fotona® Laser can lessen or eliminate acne scarring so that you can feel good about your appearance again. Along with dermal fillers many of these scars can become undetectable. Below are the types of acne scars that laser treatment can help with:

Atrophic Acne scars

Atrophic acne scars are caused by tissue loss. They are the most common acne scars, and usually found on the face. These scars are formed by cystic or pustule acne that destroy the skin when forming a sac of bacteria. When the pustules break a hole is left and often the skin cannot produce enough collagen to repair itself. . There are 3 kinds of atrophic scars:

  • Boxcar scars-can be superficial or deep and leave a depression in the skin
  • Ice Pick scars-are deep and have the appearance of a hollow enlarged pore
  • Rolling scars-create a wavy or rolling look to the skin

Treating atrophic scars with laser is the most effective way to eliminate the scars with the least downtime and best results.

Hypertrophic Scars

Hypertrophic scars, sometimes called keloid scars, are larger, more severe, raised scars. They differ from atrophic scars in that they are often deep rooted and painful. Keloids continue to grow long after the wound has healed causing the body to produce more collagen and overgrow skin in order to repair it. This results in skin forming keloid scars. Keloid scars are the most difficult to treat, take longer to treat, and may use several different approaches with laser, silicone gels and steroid injections. Dr. Tantawi will discuss your options at your consultation appointment as to the best way to approach treating your hypertrophic scars.

In treating acne scarring the Fotona® laser is used as a skin resurfacing treatment. Your skin will be cleansed and numbed. For this treatment the laser is directed at the scar area to be treated. The laser beam is gently absorbed by the top layers of the skin vaporizing the scarred tissue and stimulating the deeper layers to produce collagen. In this way the top layers are exfoliated and new skin is produced from the collagen stimulation.

Recovery From Laser Acne and Acne Scar Treatment

The great thing about treating acne and the scarring it leaves behind with the Fotona® laser, is that it is minimally invasive and there is no downtime. Your skin will be red or pink for anywhere from 5-21 days. Dr. Tantawi will give you specific instructions for the best healing possible during your recovery. You will not be able to apply makeup for at least 5 days and sunscreen must be worn to protect the new skin. Other than aesthetic reasons, you are free to continue your usual activities and may return to work the same day if you like.


There are several studies to support the Fotona® Erbium laser treatment for acne and scarring, since it has led to long-lasting results with minimal adverse side effects. In a study conducted at the University Hospital Munster in Germany, researchers found that after six months, following a single session of Fotona acne scar removal, using an Er:YAG FOTONA® LASER, patients reported a satisfaction rate of more than 90%.

In most cases, you will require one to four sessions depending on how severe your scars are and where on the body they are located.

The cost is determined by how many areas are treated, and how many sessions it takes. Dr. Tantawi will let you know the cost at your consultation appointment.


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