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If the creases along your forehead and between your eyes have become noticeable, and your upper eyelids have started to have a hooded appearance, a brow lift may help restore a youthful look to your upper forehead and eyes. A brow lift can take years off of the look of your face and give you a brighter, more serene look. You may combine an eyelid lift, facelift, and skin resurfacing with a brow lift, to maximize and revitalize your face.

If you want a brighter, more youthful look to your face and eyes, you need an excellent, highly skilled surgeon. Dr. Tantawi is board certified in both surgery and cosmetic surgery. He has done countless plastic surgery procedures, and is committed to helping you achieve the goals and desires you have for your aesthetic looks. Book a consultation with him today and see if a brow lift is a good option for you.

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What is a Brow Lift?

A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, is a surgical procedure that lifts sagging skin and muscles on your forehead. Forehead wrinkles form from years of habitual facial expressions, or from sun damage. The goal of brow lift surgery is to restore a more youthful appearance to your face, as well as to remove worry lines and furrows from the forehead. It also lifts the eyelid and prevents you from having a hooded look over your eyes.

Benefits of a Brow Lift

Sunken upper eyelids, worry lines on your forehead, sagging eyebrows and/or droopy eyelids can begin appearing
as you age. This may change the expression on your face so that you look worried, sad,
or unhappy. Some of the great benefits of a brow lift are:

  •  Reduces or removes wrinkles around your eyes.
  •  Removes deep furrows between the eyebrows.
  •  Provides a more relaxed and refreshed appearance.
  • Restores your upper eyelids to a more youthful position.

Brow lift surgery is a very safe procedure that has a high satisfaction rate and can make you feel more confident about your appearance.

Brow Lift Procedure

Temporal Brow Lift

A temporal brow lift is often combined with eyelid surgery. With a temporal lift the incisions are slightly longer (1”), and are made just above your temple in your hairline. Dr. Tantawi will then reposition the tissues of your outer brow area. After that he will go through the incisions made for the upper eyelid surgery and the lines between the eyebrows are lifted, enabling him to smooth out your frown lines. After both the brow and eyelid surgeries are complete, the incisions are closed up and sutured and your eyes and forehead are wrapped and bandaged.

Endoscopic Brow Lift

An endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive procedure because it uses very small incisions. Dr. Tantawai will make a series of ¾ “ incisions behind the hairline. He then inserts a small camera and very thin instruments to lift and reposition tissue and muscle. He may also remove excess fat and tissue if necessary. The incisions are closed up and your brow has a more rested and youthful appearance.

Coronal Brow Lift

This surgery is done under general anesthesia or an IV drip sedation, and takes about 2 hours to perform. Dr. Anatawi will make incisions on the scalp that begin just behind each ear and continue up toward the top of your head, meeting in front of each ear.

The forehead skin is then pulled tight, excess skin is removed (if necessary), and the muscles are tightened. The incisions are closed up and sutured and an ointment is applied. The area is loosely wrapped to prevent swelling. The result of this procedure is an improvement in your appearance with smoother, tighter skin on your forehead; often without visible scars .

Recovery From Brow Lift Surgery

For the first couple of days it will be necessary to sleep with your head elevated. You will have to make sure that you don’t subject your stitches to any abrasion, pressure, or touching. You may walk around the house but must avoid strenuous activity.

Bruising and swelling are common for about 10 days and you may feel tightness in your forehead. Applying cold compresses will help keep swelling down. Dr. Tantawi will prescribe pain medication so you are comfortable while you heal and will let you know when it’s okay to resume your regular activities, including shampooing and bathing.

Stitches are usually removed in 7 to 10 days, although swelling may continue for a few days after they are taken out. You may experience some itching during the healing process. Incision lines will begin to fade and can be covered with makeup until they become unnoticeable.

Brow Lift FAQs

It depends upon the kind of brow lift you get. An endoscopic brow lift can last 5-7 years when you care well for your skin, whereas a coronal lift can last 10-15 years with good skincare. No brow lift lasts forever due to the skin continuing to age.

The cost of a brow lift depends upon the type of lift procedure that is done. Dr. Tantawi will give you the total cost of your surgery at your consultation.


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