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Miss Your Pre-Preggo Body? 5 Things to Know About ‘Mommy Makeovers’ mommy make over

Cosmetic surgery after pregnancy

It’s a well known fact that pregnancy can negatively affect your body. Carrying a youngster into the world is wonderful, however the actual changes that happen to you after pregnancy? Not really.

Assuming you have attempted diet exercise and you actually aren’t happy with what things look like, you could investigate the developing pattern of “mommy makeovers.”

While mommy makeovers are filling in prevalence, they aren’t ideal for everybody and the techniques aren’t without gambles. Plastic specialist Diya Tantawi, MD, offers knowledge about the systems, and examines what you really want to think about in the event that you are thinking about a medical procedure.

Targeting problem areas

A mommy makeover is a progression of restorative medical procedure techniques that can assist with reestablishing your body to your pre-pregnancy structure. It can incorporate a stomach fold, bosom a medical procedure (increase, lift or decrease) or potentially liposuction.

Tummy tuck surgery

During pregnancy, your abs (and skin) stretch to oblige your developing child. Following pregnancy, you could observe your stomach region is looser than it was previously.

On the off chance that you’re awkward with how your stomach region looks or feels, a belly fold helps eliminate overabundant skin around your mid-region and fix your abs.

Breast surgery
  • Augmentation. If your breasts have lost mass, a breast augmentation, the surgical insertion of breast implants, can help your breasts appear fuller.
  • Reduction. If your breasts are larger than before pregnancy — and making you uncomfortable or causing back pain — a breast reduction procedure can remove tissue and reshape your breasts.
  • Lift. If your breasts are sagging, a surgical breast lift can help raise your breasts by removing extra skin and tightening breast tissue.

In the event that you’re not come by the outcomes you need from smart dieting and exercise alone, liposuction, the careful expulsion of fat from your mid-region, arms or thighs, is at times a choice. This method can focus on the hips, midsection, thighs, and bum. Many individuals don’t understand that liposuction doesn’t eliminate cellulite, just fat.

5 things you need to consider

If you’re thinking about a mommy makeover, it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself. Dr. Diya Tantawi urges you to consider these things first before you opt for surgery:

  • Are you OK with having scars? While scars from surgery do fade slightly over time, seeing scars where you never had them before is sometimes difficult, psychologically.
  • How will you pay for it? Cosmetic surgery is generally not covered by insurance. Covering these procedures out-of-pocket is often costly.
  • Are you ready? For best results, maintaining a healthy body weight for the 12 months leading up to surgery is ideal. Also, you should postpone a mommy makeover if you plan to have more children.
  • Are you in good health? If you have existing health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, talk with your doctor about the risks of cosmetic surgery.
  • Are you a smoker? If you are considering surgery, you will need to quit smoking for at least 6 weeks prior to surgery. Smoking has been linked to increased risk during surgery, and it can lengthen your healing time.
How to choose a plastic surgeon

With regards to observing the right plastic surgeon, knowing what to look for is significant, Dr. Diya Tantawi says.

  • Make sure the American Board of Plastic Surgeons has certified your surgeon.
  • Ask how many procedures the surgeon does. Choose a surgeon who does the procedure you want hundreds of times each year.
  • Ask to see results. Seeing pictures of patients before and after surgery can give you a good idea of what to expect.
  • Make sure your surgeon is up to date on the latest surgical techniques and innovations.
  • Be wary of surgeons who suggest having too many procedures at once. Having multiple procedures at one time will be harder on your body and tends to lengthen healing time.

The choice to have plastic surgery isn’t one to trifle with, says Dr. Diya Tantawi. Consulting with your primary care physician about the dangers, benefits and expected results is a significant initial step.

“Numerous patients are exceptionally happy with the consequences of their methods,” says Dr. Diya Tantawi. “Having the option to squeeze once more into their garments makes them so cheerful.”

Above all, invest in some opportunity to learn however much you can about the methodology and ensure a mommy makeover is ideal for you.

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